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Why Sky Hook

Family Owned Matters

When you choose Sky Hook, you’re choosing a 4th generation, family owned and operated company. You’re choosing a product that is Made in the USA, and you can expect absolutely fantastic customer service.

Founded in 1969 by Edwin Christensen, the original Sky Hook was developed as a solution for lifting chucks on and off of lathes. Fast forward nearly 50 years and you can still find that same great lifting solution along with many others to meet all of your light duty material handling needs.

 portable lift
ergonomic lifting solution

Safety and Ergonomics

Operator safety concerns have never been more prevalent than they are today. Companies want to ensure that their workforce has everything they need to do their jobs safely, preventing costly lifting injuries and hold ups in the work place.

The Sky Hook precision lifting devices provide an ergonomic lifting solution that operators can take with them into tight spaces where overhead cranes and fork lifts either don’t fit or just don’t make sense. They allow for lifting up to 500 lbs. safely while saving both time and money.

Easily Customized To Fit Your Needs

When you decide the Sky Hook is the solution you’ve been looking for but the dimensions don’t quite match your application, we’ve got you covered. Over half of our business comes from customizing the Sky Hook in simple ways to best fit our customers’ applications.

Basic modifications like increasing the height, reach and base size, or even lowering the hand wheel to a more ergonomic position are just a request away. We can even modify the Sky Hook lifting device to be cleanroom ready or include an ESD package to prevent static electricity build up.

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Complete Custom Design Services

You have a vision of what you need your lifting solution to be. Let us bring that to reality with a custom Sky Hook lifting device built just the way you want. Our skilled design team is ready to work with you to develop your custom Sky Hook or under hook device right now.

The Sky Hook is a comprehensive lifting device platform which can be customized in nearly any way imaginable. Adding additional functionality through a custom under hook device, lifting tongs, drawers, handles, custom casters, part holding fixtures, increased rotation, articulating arms and more is our specialty.

Skyhook Users Case Studies

Like many machine shops and job shops, Spencer Corporation was looking for a solution to safely lift and maneuver heavy equipment parts throughout its facility in Santa Clara, California. Working with parts weighing just under 500 pounds, the potential for accidents and injury was always a present danger.

The company’s owner, Mark Spencer, chose the A8727 Sky Hook, a model designed for lifting heavy loads in tight quarters and can be easily and quickly moved to other lifting locations. The Sky Hook A8727’s portability and ease of use have made it a valuable part of our daily workflow. “The Sky Hook mobile crane is used almost daily for a variety of lifting, lowering, and repair applications,”says Spencer. More details...

 custom Sky Hook lifting device
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