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Why Purchase Your Industrial Lifting Device From Sky Hook?

Experience and Reputation
  • 50 Years experience making high-quality inexpensive lifting devices
  • All lifting devices are USA made and meet O.S.H.A. requirements
  • All models of Sky Hook industrial lifting devices are made with the highest quality materials and fabrication techniques
  • Sky Hook customers always receive a quick response and speedy delivery
  • Sky Hook industrial lifting devices may be customized to fit most applications

Manufacturing safe, high-quality, inexpensive lifting devices is what Syclone ATTCO Service has been doing for 50 years. Sky Hook industrial lifting devices have been manufactured in the USA by our family-owned and operated business for over three generations.

Our founder, Edwin (Chris) Christensen came up with the original Sky Hook when he saw a need for a safe lifting device in the machining industry.

Spring of 2000 brought about the merger of our two businesses, Syclone Products and ATTCO, to create ATTCO, Inc. DBA Syclone ATTCO Service.

Today, Sky Hook industrial lifting devices are used to provide safe, inexpensive, manual lifting for hundreds of applications world-wide. In fact, the Washington State Department of Labor now recommends Sky Hook products as a way to provide safe, ergonomic lifting solutions.

Unsurpassed Quality

All through the years, Sky Hook industrial lifting devices have been designed and manufactured with safety and quality as the primary goal. Our dealers, representatives, and customers know that they can count on Syclone ATTCO Service for safe, inexpensive lifting devices that can lift up to 500 lbs. because we use the highest quality products and controlled production methods.

Commitment to Customer Service

Naturally, manufacturing industrial lifting devices for 50 years ensures we have an experienced sales staff who work closely with our customers to find the most effective solution to all their safe lifting requirements.

Syclone ATTCO Service's excellent support means that you don't just get an "off the shelf" product. We take the time to understand your application and make sure you get the unit that solves YOUR lifting problem. Our many customers tell us they count on their Sky Hook industrial lifting device to be dependable for years of reliable service.

Designing and manufacturing custom units for manual lifting is no challenge to Syclone ATTCO Service. We are happy to discuss any lifting application.

Although the Sky Hook industrial lifting device was originally designed for machine shop applications, our expanded product line and ability to manufacture safe, inexpensive portable lifting products for custom applications has allowed us to serve a wide variety of industries.

Today Sky Hook industrial lifting devices are used in such industries as: Aerospace, Electronics, Fluid Power Products, Utility Companies, Field Maintenance, Maritime/ Marine, Medical, Military, Contractors, Farm Industries, Original Equipment Manufacturers, Semiconductor Equipment Manufacturers, Process Control Equipment Manufacturers, Food Processing/Manufacturing, and Water Treatment Plants.

The newest Sky Hook Industrial Lifting Device, "Receiver Hitch" Model 8540, is a one-hand operated unit that is designed for use in a 2" truck receiver hitch. This portable unit allows a single person to lift and position up to 500 lbs. without the need for electricity. Model 8540 requires no drilling or welding and slips directly into a standard 2" Class 3 truck receiver hitch. A locking "T" Handle is in place to prevent rotation when not in use. With the 8540, users are able to lift an object up to 500 lbs. and rotate it 360 degrees. Model 8540 is lightweight and portable, easily detached and moved. The boom is removable for storage. Sky Hook Industrial Lifting Device Model 8540 allows users to load and unload materials or heavy awkward items while preventing serious back injuries.

Having 50 years of manufacturing safe, quality, dependable Portable Industrial Lifting Devices makes Syclone ATTCO Service the best choice for all your lifting needs. Contact us today and begin preventing back injuries tomorrow!

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