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Sky Hook Mechanical Lifting Devices

The Sky Hook is a small, portable, ergonomic lifting device designed to provide a safe, high quality lifting solution that can prevent lifting injuries and assist in applications involving awkward or hard to reach loads. Every Sky Hook is designed and tested to ASME and OSHA standards so you can be assured that you’ll receive an quality product that is safe and easy to use.

With our comprehensive line-up of portable lifting equipment with both fixed and mobile base options, we’re confident you’ll find the right solution to fit your specific industrial lifting needs. If you don’t see a design that quite works for your application, visit our Customize page for information on how you can have a Sky Hook designed and built to your exact specifications.

Below you'll find the Sky Hook product line grouped into fixed and mobile base models with an additional category for Sky Hooks w/ Articulating Arm, which boast an increased range of motion. Once you click on a model, you'll be given the choice between the Economy and Premium versions of that model. Further down the page you’ll find additional information about the different levels and options available.

Fixed Mount Sky Hooks ( Click on any product to see more )
Fixed Mount Sky Hook Lifting Devices
Tool Post Mount Sky Hooks

Tool Post Mount Sky Hooks

Bench Mount Sky Hooks

Bench Mount Sky Hooks

Receiver Hitch Mount Sky Hook

Receiver Hitch Mount Sky Hooks

Floor mount lifting equipment

Floor Mount Sky Hooks

Mobile Sky Hooks ( Click on any product to see more )
mobile lifting equipment
Mobile Sky Hook Lifting Devices

4-Leg Mobile Base Sky Hooks

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Cherry Picker Sky Hooks

Reverse Cherry Picker

Reverse Cherry Picker Sky Hooks

Mobile Cart Sky Hook

Mobile Cart Sky Hooks

Sky Hooks w/ Articulating Arm ( Click on any product to see more )
Bench Mount lifting device
hoisting equipment

Bench Mount Sky Hooks w/
Articulating Arm

lifting apparatus

Floor Mount Sky Hooks w/
Articulating Arm

Articulating Arm Sky Hooks

Mobile Cart Sky Hooks w/
Articulating Arm

Roller Chain vs. Cable

Sky Hook with Roller Chain

All Sky Hook models are offered in both roller chain and cable configurations. Each configuration has unique benefits which may make all the difference depending on the lifting application. From the first Sky Hooks built in 1969, roller chain has been the primary lifting tether for these one of a kind hoist lifting devices. Even though cable is definitely more of an industry standard for lifting, roller chain has benefits that have to be considered before making the determination as to which is best suited for your application.

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Sky Hook with cable
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Roller chain offers a consistent rate of travel as the chain passes over a set sprocket size and is stored in the vertical tube of the Sky Hook. Cable on the other hand stacks up on a spool, slightly increasing the amount of force required to lift the load as more of the cable is reeled in. However cable is typically quicker and easier to inspect. Many larger corporations require cable for all internal lifting devices.

Both the roller chain and cable are load rated to meet applicable safety standards. No matter which you choose, you’re sure to end up with a compact lifting device that will have a smooth and seamless operation.