Model 8560 Sky Hook with Cherry Picker Base

Are You Struggling to Lift things from Hard-to-Reach places?

Sky Hook Model 8560 with Cherry Picker Base

Let Sky Hook Model 8560 do the work for you!

Sky Hook Model 8560 is ideal for general material handling in production & assembly areas in manufacturing, shipping and receiving, maintenance and repair facilities.  

Sky Hook Model 8560 Cherry Picker is perfect for lifting heavy or awkward objects from their shipping or packaging materials. Smaller and more agile than the traditional cherry picker, Sky Hook Model 8560’s compact design makes it perfect for tight, hard-to-reach locations.

Ideal for straddling a crateand also designed so the legs can go under something without requiring a counterweight–Model 8560 Cherry Picker is an efficient and easy way to always have enough leverage to retrieve the item you need to move. Unlike other Cherry Picker designs, the Sky Hook Model 8560 has the flexibility of 15 degree rotation in each direction from center, allowing a full 30 degree range of motion when working in tight areas. 

Sky Hook Model 8560 with Cherry Picker Base Specification Sheet

Designed to pass through narrow doors and tight hard-to-reach areas, the Sky Hook Model 8560 functions well in all buildings (not just large plants) and is less expensive than a forklift, overhead crane, or chain hoist. Because its one-handed operation does the work of four people, this model is especially suited for those who need an effective yet totally maintenance-free lifting tool.

 Custom Sky Hook Industrial Lifting Devices Are Available
Sky Hook Owners Manual

Constructed of high-strength steel, the Sky Hook Model 8560 Cherry Picker comes with a limited manufacturer’s warranty and meets all applicable O.S.H.A. requirements. 

For specialty applications, custom units of Sky Hook Model 8560 are also available.


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Features and Benefits
  • Load limit 500 lbs. / 227 kg.
  • 75" Length of lift
  • Sky Hook weighs 26 lbs.
  • Cherry Picker base weighs 78 lbs.
  • Overall height of Sky Hook including base is 73"
  • Sky Hook has limited 30° rotation in base
  • One rotation of the handwheel = approximately 1" of vertical lift
  • 6" casters allow for easy movement
  • Fits through standard 3'0 door
  • Constructed of high strength steel
  • Custom modifications available

ATTCO, Inc. DBA Syclone ATTCO Service
is CCR Registered

  • Designed to straddle or lift heavy and awkward objects without the need for a counter weight
  • Prevents lifting injuries
  • Designed to fit through a 3-foot standard aisle and tight hard-to-reach areas
  • Uses one hand operation that does the work of four people
  • Safely lifts and positions up to 500 lbs. with one person
  • Designed for precision positioning
  • Has removable boom and base can be disassmbled for easy transportation and storage
  • Operates in tight working conditions
  • Is totally maintenance free
  • Has a limited manufacturers warranty
  • Meets applicable O.S.H.A. requirements


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