Model 8527 Sky Hook with Bolt Down Base

Sky Hook Industrial Lifting Device Model 8527 Helps Prevent Back Injuries

Are Your Materials Too Heavy
To Lift Onto Your Workbench or Machine?

Model 8527 Sky Hook with Bolt Down Base

Protect Yourself from Injury with the
Tall Sky Hook Model 8527 with a Bolt-Down Base.

To prevent serious back injuries, you need the added muscle that only a Sky Hook Model 8527* Industrial Lifting Device offers. Ideal for mounting to the floor or a heavy cart, Model 8527 is designed to make non-electrical lifting safe, simple and affordable.

*For a more mobile version of this Model, see Model 8557 w/ mobile base or Model 8570 w/ mobile counter-weighted cart.

The Sky Hook Model 8527 Prevents Lifting Injuries! If you, your customers or your employees lift 25 lbs. or more, you’re at risk for back sprains, muscle pulls, wrist injuries, elbow injuries, spinal injuries, and other damage caused by lifting heavy objects. The Sky Hook Model 8527 has a 75”  length of lift that makes lifting up to 500 lbs. possible for one person , yet the unit itself weighs just 26 lbs. Crafted for consumers who usually need two or more people to move or lift machine parts or heavy items, Model 8527 pivots 360° for precision positioning.

Designed to mount onto any suitable flat surface, the Sky Hook Model 8527 functions well in tight working conditions. Because its one-handed operation does the work of four people, Model 8527 is especially suited for those who need an effective yet totally maintenance-free lifting tool. Constructed of high-strength steel, the Sky Hook Model 8527 comes with a limited manufacturer's warranty and meets all O.S.H.A. requirements.

Custom Sky Hook Industrial Lifting Devices Are Available
Sky Hook Owners Manual

Easily detached, portable and lightweight, this practical, adaptable, labor-saving lifting device is ideal for all generalapplications.This versatility makes Model 8527 ideal for welding departments. For specialty applications, custom units of the Sky Hook Model 8527 are available.

Model 8527 Sky Hook with Bolt Down Base Specification Sheet

Manual lifting is often the cause of injury, lost work time and rising healthcare costs. The Sky Hook Model 8527 is an ideal device for lifting or repositioning heavy materials, machine accessories or weighty, awkward items, while preventing serious backinjuries. A lifting solution that answers almost any need, the Sky Hook Model 8527 is user-friendly and adaptable.

Whether you are rotating machinery or positioning a 500-lb.object, Model 8527 does the work for you. Accessories like the Choker Collar, Vise Hook and Chuck Hook make the Model 8527 manual lifting device a practical, adaptable labor-saving unit.

Save your back! Let the Sky Hook Model 8527 add muscle to those lifting jobs.Look around your plant. We're sure you'll find an application where the Sky Hook Model 8527 will save you time and money, by helping to prevent injuries.

Contact us today and let our experts help you with safe lifting devices that save you time and $$.

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Features and Benefits
  • Load limit 500 lbs.
  • Weighs 26 lbs.
  • Pivots 360°
  • 75" Length of lift
  • Overall height of Sky Hook including base is 43"
  • One rotation of the handwheel = approximately 1" of vertical lift
  • Designed to mount to any suitable flat surface
  • Easily detached and carried to different locations
  • Custom modifications available

ATTCO, Inc. DBA Syclone ATTCO Service
is CCR Registered

  • Prevents lifting injuries
  • Uses one hand operation that does the work of four people
  • Safely lifts and positions up to 500 lbs. with one person
  • Rotates 360°
  • Designed for precision positioning
  • Operates in tight working conditions
  • Constructed of high strenght steel
  • Is totally maintenance free
  • Has a limited manufacturers warranty
  • Meets O.S.H.A. requirements
  • Made in the U.S.A. since 1969


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