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The Sky Hook line of industrial lifting equipment fills the gap between the simple chain hoist and massive overhead or portable gantry crane. With many companies implementing mandates restricting individual lift limitations to 35 lbs., a Sky Hook portable lift fills the need with small, ergonomic, mechanical lifting devices for heavy objects that are portable and easy to use. Moving away from lifts that are bigger, more complex, and rated for extreme loads, the Sky Hook brings the focus back to the operators and the very needs they have at their work station on a daily basis.

The CNC operator doesn’t need to make a 2-ton overhead lift to complete their job. Weighing as little as 23 lbs. the Sky Hook will safely and efficiently lift up to 500 lbs., doing the work of 4 people with a simple one-hand operation. It is a completely manually operated with no need for connections to outside power sources.

With our comprehensive lineup of fixed and mobile base Sky Hooks you’re sure to find the ergonomic lifting device you’ve been looking for. See something that’s close but not quite the right fit? You’re in luck because over half of our business comes from efficiently and affordably designing custom lifting devices to best fit our customers’ applications.

The Sky Hook is your mechanical lifting device, preventing lifting injuries while saving you both time and money!

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Precision Lifting Device

Precise Material Handling Control!  

It does not get more precision than manual hands-on control, which is exactly what the Sky Hook offers.  With the smooth operation of the LoadLock clutch brake, found in the Premium Sky Hook models, the operator can raise and lower the load with total control and precision.     

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ASME and OSHA standards

Designed to ASME and OSHA standards, Sky Hook portable and manual lifting equipment provides safe methods of lifting and transporting up to 500 lbs. CE, CSA and other standards compliance available upon request.

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New Sky Hook application handout

With our new Sky Hook application handout we’re giving managers, team leaders, and operators the tools they need in the way the need them. By simply filling in the key dimensions and environmental concerns of your application, you’ll start a journey that will result in the exact solution you needed all along.

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